Heath Ledger's Dad Puts Late Actor's Australia Home On The Market For $4.6 Million


Heath Ledger's father Kim helped design a stunning home for his son in Perth, Australia, but sadly the actor passed away before he could move in and enjoy the residence. And now, over 6 years after Ledger's tragic death, his dad has finally decided to sell it.

Ledger told The Daily Telegraph last week, "[Heath] was very interested in the design. We talked about this house a lot. We thought it would be a great place for him to stay when he was in town." The home was still under construction at the time of the star's death in early 2008. Heath and former partner Michelle Williams lived in a small home off of Laurel Canyon, which was sold in seven months after he passed away and was more recently purchased by Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson.

Anyway, according to Vitale Fine Properties, the home down under was designed to have "a natural flow between mood-enhancing spaces," and from the open floor plan to the simple and modular furnishings, it's truly a modern marvel.

The residence, which has approximately 8,500 square feet of living space on two levels, has six bedrooms, five bathrooms and three balconies and an oversize kitchen. There's a downstairs living room which integrates seamlessly with an outdoor entertaining space, and adjacent to that there is a study with tropical garden view. There is a stunning pool and a four-car garage -- click the gallery below to see more!


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