Gerard Depardieu Puts His $65 Million Mansion On The Market After Massive Tax Increase In France


After recent tax hikes in France, Gerard Depardieu has put his ten-bedroom estate on the market for approximately $65 million.

The actor, who also turned in his passport and wrote a scathing public letter to the government, has moved to Belgium, and he claims that over the last 45 years, he's paid $190 million in taxes. (French citizens who earn over 1 million Euros per year now have a tax rate of roughly 75%, and Depardieu claims that in 2012 he forked over 85% of his income to the government.)

"We no longer have the same country. I'm a true European, a citizen of the world," Depardieu wrote in the letter. "I hand over my passport to you and my social security card, which I have never used."

Depardieu's renovated 19th-century building was originally built in 1820, and it's comprised of two separate structures. The estate, which was dubbed the Hotel de Chambon after Baron de Chambon, has 20,000-square-feet of living space, and it consists of 20 rooms, 10 of which are bedrooms. The home has an indoor swimming pool, a spacious garden, and a loft-like main room with living, dining and cooking areas.

RealEstalker reports that the actor reportedly acquired the property in 1994 for 25,000,000 French francs, which is roughly equivalent $4,614,670. Depardieu's original plans called for a $2 million remodel which would create an office space for his production company and apartments for family and friends, but he later changed his mind and started converting the residence to a luxury boutique hotel that was scheduled to open sometime in 2013.


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Wow!!! and the miilioner here in US is complaining? maybe they should to France..